The IT artisans

Behind Chromatron lies the desire to place new technologies at the service of creativity and communication.

We have evolved over the years, taking on board the techniques, programming languages and operating ideas required to fuel the principle that the role of machines is to give a helping hand to human achievement.

Just like any other artisan, we imagine the product we aim to obtain, crafting it carefully with our fingers – even though we often use them to tap on a keyboard or manoeuvre a mouse – and polishing off the details to create a work that is like no other.

Just like any other artisan, the aim of what we do is to make the most of the material at our disposal. Large numbers are not our goal, because we’re small in number, and we’re hard to please.

Just like any other artisan, we believe in our craft. We believe every contribution matters, because we’re aware that what we achieve is nothing other than the sum total of what others down the line have achieved before each project reaches us.